Control Your War Council In A Game Of Thrones: B’Twixt

September 7, 2021 by fcostin

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There are lots of different ways players can tap into their favourite franchise on the tabletop, to explore worlds on a different platform.

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A Game of Thrones - B'Twixt Box // Fantasy Flight Games

Take Lord of the Rings, for example, it is no secret that anything with the name 'Tolkein' written somewhere certainly deserves exploring further for me. Whether it be a miniatures game, card game, RPG or board game - there are more and more ways for fans to immerse themselves in their most cherished franchise, and each powerhouse of a TV Series or Movie can guarantee some tabletop love.

Game of Thrones is no different to the aforesaid when it comes to the explorative nature of large franchises being translated over to tabletop games. Whether players are interested in the Official Living Card and Board Games by Fantasy Flight Games, or the Miniatures Game, ASOIAF by CMON - there is plenty of opportunities for players to dip into the universe.

A new Game of Thrones tabletop title is coming our way as Fantasy Flight Games grow their catalogue once more. A Game of Thrones - B'Twixt is making its way onto our tabletops this November, focussing on the political output which rules the powerful Seven Realms of Westeros.

3-6 Players will place themselves in King's Landing for a deadly fight of words in political aggression. By picking their House and their leader to head up the potential war and skirmish, players will need to schmooze their way into their own Game of Thrones. Meaning manipulation, finding allies and growing their own small council in the heart of Westeros.

However, this is a challenge that will not be easy. If you have seen A Game of Thrones, you will know that once you are on that Iron Chair of delight and goodness, there will be factions against you - included ones embedded who claim to be allies. Watch your opponents, as a game of influence is about to begin. Will players find a whirlwind of success in the strive for the Iron Throne, or will they be betrayed by their supposed allies?

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A Game of Thrones - B'Twixt Board & Cards Preview // Fantasy Flight Games

The upcoming title has taken inspiration, being based on the novel series of The Game of Thrones. However, if you have not read the book and consider yourself a fanatic through the television series - you will recognize a plethora of characters. Including Jon Snow, Brienne of Tarth and Melisandre.

The goal of the game is simple - players must strive to hold the most power within their crafty council. But, all allegiances must be thought out strategically. Players must be wary of the knock-on effects this may have on their opponents, meaning rivalling factions should be considered to avoid any unnecessary conflict.

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A Game of Thrones - B'Twixt Cards Preview // Fantasy Flight Games

For more information on gameplay, be sure to check out the announcement made by Fantasy Flight here. It will take you through all the main mechanics, including gaining influence and rising straight to the top of King's Landing.

The game is set to be released on November 26th 2021 at FLGS Stores and online. So if you want to take a step back from the battle and play the part of the strings pulling each battle-fuelled move, be sure to check out A Game of Thrones - B'Twixt.

What is your favourite Game of Thrones tabletop game?

"3-6 Players will place themselves in King's Landing for a deadly fight of words in political aggression..."

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