CoolMiniOrNot Brings Steampunk To Kickstarter

October 30, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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If you like steampunk, and you like board games, then you should be crazy for the new Kickstarter from CoolMiniOrNot, The World of Smog: On Her Majesty's Secret Service!

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In this game, opponents play one of the four "Gentelmen," tasked by Queen Victoria to journey into the market and bring her one of four precious Artefacts, while dodging the Agents of the Shadow Master in the market. Players must go to the market and sell different Ethers in order to acquire the various coins required to obtain the four Artefacts for the Queen. Sounds relatively simple, does it not? Well wait until you see the mechanism of the board!

smog minis

smog game board

CMON does a brilliant job of harnessing the quirky, randomness of the steampunk genre in their board for this game! The board is full of gears that players must navigate on to get through the market and the gears constantly turn which changes the landscape of the board! This changing landscape is key for players to acquire the necessary ethers (mana, blood, titanium and ectoplasm) to sell in the market, and players can only interact with whichever ether is directly in front of them during play, which makes the spinning gears a little tricky to work with.

smog set up

I mentioned the Agents of Shadow Master before and these fellows are on a mission to purely make things more difficult for you, but like many shady characters, they can be bought and there's a fine line to be walked between accommodating the Shadow Master and accomplishing your own agenda.

smog shadow masters

A Kickstarter wouldn't be a Kickstarter without that little something to make it worth your while when you get in on the action and in this project, backers will get a bonus Agent, The Puppet- A menacing fellow, for sure!

smog exclusive puppet

Doe s this steampunk game get your wheels turning?

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