Infinity Release Poster Girls, Tech Wizards, & Fullmetal Kozmo

April 24, 2019 by brennon

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Corvus Belli has revealed the new releases which are coming to tabletops in May for both Infinity and Aristeia! We kick things off with the newest Dire Foes Pack, Nocturne.

Dire Foes Mission Pack 8 Nocturne - Infinity

This set gives you another pair of characters who are clashing on the tabletop, a poor civilian who is caught up in the middle of it all and a scenario to play out as well. I really like what Corvus Belli do when they get stuck into these Dire Foes packs, offering up a narrative approach to a game which is still very much has the feel of a role-playing skirmish game.

Poster Girl

Next up we're looking to the Patsy Garnett Orc Troops Varuna Div NCO. She is effectively a poster girl for the forces of Panoceania.

Patsy Garnett Orc Troops Varuna Div NCO - Infinity

I think there is potentially a lot more detail going into these sculpts, pushing forward the new sculpting techniques they have been using to allow you to pull out additional armour features and facial details. You can see it on the Dire Foes pack as well when you look at those stunning characters.

Big Guns

Next up we're looking at the Zhayedan Intervention Troops also known as The Immortals. These fellows are seasoned soldiers, grizzled and gritty, hard to take down and experts with all sorts of weapons.

Zhayedan Intervention Troops - Infinity

I really like the look of these soldiers and I think the masks really work here too. It gives them a fearsome look which is key to the character of this unit.

Tech Wizard

Up next we're looking at the Zhencha, Armored Reconnaissance Regiment which can be dropped into the mix too. I really like the Hackers that Corvus Belli make for use in Infinity as it always pushes that Cyberpunk button.

Zhencha, Armored Reconnaissance Regiment - Infinity.png

The pose here is great too, a relaxed one as they casually hack into some system or other, turning base defences on their enemies perhaps! He is also packing a shotgun though for good measure.

Scheming Snipers

Lastly, we're looking to some long range kills with the Taagma Schemers.

Taagma Schemers - Infinity

This band of soldiers keep the Triumvirate's rules in check. They are deployed when someone crosses one of their red lines and needs to be put down. Order is a precious thing and they don't want anyone messing around with that!

Fullmetal Kozmo

As well as the releases for Infinity, Corvus Belli also added a new character skin into the mix for Aristeia! Check out the finished work on Fullmetal Kozmo by Angel Giraldez.

Fullmetal Kozmo - Aristeia

This is a very cool new sculpt that really shows off the fun that Corvus Belli can have with the Aristeia! line-up. I like that we're seeing more Fantasy-style figures making it into the mix, giving you a way to produce an Aristeia! team which is different from everyone else.

"What caught your eye from the May releases?"

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