Become A Crazy Cat Owner In Too Many Poops On Kickstarter

February 17, 2019 by cassn

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If you are an avid gamer (like me), and a completely mental cat owner (also like me), why not combine both your insane obsessions in a game about adorable kitties and their not so adorable poops!

In Too Many Poops, you are a homeowner clearly upset about your lack of dead birds, torn wallpaper, and ability to open the fridge without something small and furry screaming murder at your feet so, of course, you decide to get a cat. But not just one cat - you want as many cats as you can possibly fit into your house. You sane, rational person.


Unfortunately, cats while adorable guardians of the internet also have a smelly side - a dark side, if you will - and many cats produce many poops. Too Many Poops, in fact. Use item cards to clean up the mess, attract new cats to your house, and lure others to your opponent's house in a delicate balance of fluff and feces which will make you question why these creatures were ever worshipped as gods in the first place.


Too Many Poops is a game with a silly premise, but it has won awards - in 2018 it was declared the Best Tabletop Game by Logan Playtest Party. The mechanics are fun and interesting and keep the gameplay dynamic and balanced. There are only a few days left on the Kickstarter and it's been funded with upgrades so, if your cat will let you move, head over and back it now!

Yesterday, I wouldn't let my cat have any of my cheese, so he jumped into the toilet and then ran around the house so I couldn't dry him, spreading toilet water everywhere. Get a dog.

"The adorable guardians of the internet also have a smelly side!"

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