Critical Role Turn To Crafting Tabletop Games In 2021

October 28, 2020 by brennon

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The team from Critical Role announced this week that they are going to be turning their attention towards the crafting of tabletop gaming with a new string to their bow, Darrington Press.

Darrington Press - Critical Role

Darrington Press // Critical Role

Darrington Press is going to be helmed by Ivan Van Norman who has been working within the tabletop world for a long time aided by Matt Mercer as a creative advisor. The aim is to create a selection of tabletop games which are not only based on the world created for Vox Machina and The Mighty Nein but new worlds too.


2021 is going to be the big year for Darrington Press and they are going to be releasing a game during each quarter! It starts with a small semi-cooperative experience called Uk'otoa which is based within the folklore of their second Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Ukotoa - Critical Role

Uk'otoa // Darrington Press

This new game will play with between three-to-five players and take around thirty-to-forty-five minutes. You'll be trying to escape the clutches of the leviathan known as Uk'otoa who is hunting through the depths of the ocean for errant sailors. This, of course, means that you'll be working together to survive but throwing people under the bus if it benefits you!

The game certainly looks very nice and I love the style of art here. Even the components look fantastic here and I am always a bit of a sucker for a meeple. You even get a big ol' miniature for Uk'otoa who is hunting through the ocean.

Future Games

As well as Uk'otoa, the team at Darrington Press also have three more games in the mix too. The first of these looks to be a massive box experience called Critical Role Adventures. This is a cooperative game and features legacy-lite elements. It comes with a big rich storybook full of narrative elements and ways to play out mighty quests and dungeon delves on the tabletop. Very cool.

You've also got a roleplaying game in the works called Syndicult helmed by Matt Mercer which is set in a modern-day world with low-magic elements and plenty of crime. You've also got Guardians of Matrimonia which is a cooperative card game where you take your pre-built deck and pit it against a band of monsters.

Are you tempted to delve in and check out what Darrington Press has to offer throughout 2021?

"Are you tempted to delve in and check out what Darrington Press has to offer throughout 2021?"

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