More Cute Adventurers Delve into Super Dungeon Explore

April 18, 2013 by dracs

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Super Dungeon Explore, Soda Pop's game of ridiculously cute chibbi dungeon delving, is a getting a couple of new characters the previews of which have just appeared online.

Super Dungeon Explorer Adventurer Preview 1

Super Dungeon Explorer Adventurer Preview 2

These two are named Kisa and One Shot and are two prime examples of the excellent designs which characterise the miniatures of Super Dungeon Explore.

Unfortunately, these might only be available to those of you who were lucky enough to get in on Soda Pop's kickstarter for Relic Knights.

Soda Pop will be down at Adepticon this weekend so if you happen to be in Chicago be sure to head over and check out some of their minis and games.

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