Cute Critters Take On The Air, Land & Sea In Card Game Reskin

November 2, 2021 by fcostin

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I have said it before and I will say it again. What is an easy way to get Free to try out some epic historical battles? How might you get me to attempt in taking the air, land and sea? Animals.

Air, Land and Sea from Arcane Wonders was a wonderful game whose mechanics suited me, however, the theme didn't. The game was a roaring success, as two players would battle it out over the course of several rounds in an attempt to control all three aspects of Air, Land and Sea. Players must work as military commanders, ready to deploy troops in all three theatres of war.

Air Sea - Image Two

Air, Land and Sea // Arcane Wonders

Yes for all of you Historians out there, you are probably sitting there thinking. This game sounds fabulous Free, how might you possibly get some animals involved in this? Well, Arcane Wonders is set to release Air, Sea and Land: Critters at War before the close of the year into retail.

Critters - Image One

Air, Land and Sea: Critters at War // Arcane Wonders

Bring on those war piggies, as the sky is about to get dangerous!

Critters - Image Two

Components // Air, Land and Sea: Critters at War

Using the exact same mechanics as Air, Land and Sea, players will attempt to control the three theatres of war by playing cards and utilising units in an attempt to gain victory points. The first person who reaches 12 victory points is crowned the winner! The new skin will add adorable critters into the mix with a fresh new and bright colour scheme to match.

So if you are looking at leaving the classic colours and traditional units behind, and trading them in some wholesome animals looking to break their opposition through violent warpath and whimsy - be sure to check out Air, Land and Sea: Critters at War for its release this month.

A word to our unsung heroes in battle, both cuddly and noble. 

"Bring on those war piggies, as the sky is about to get dangerous!"

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