Backspindle Games Launch New Game & Offer Sell Out Bundles

December 9, 2017 by thisisazrael

The Northern Ireland based team at Backspindle Games have reason to celebrate as they've released a new game with Dance of the Fireflies and are also selling out across the US with their previously released title Codinca.

Backspindle Games Dance Of The Fireflies

Dance of the Fireflies is an incredibly pretty card game, suitable for the whole family. Players compete against each other using Fireflies to pollinate Flowers and then plant them in colourful Flower Beds.

Backspindle Games Dance Of The Fireflies GenCon

Players will use tactical deployment of their Fireflies and perhaps employ a little bit of sneakiness to outdo their opposition.

In the US Backspindle Games' pocket-sized strategy game Codinca has completely sold out through Barnes and Noble.

To try and offer something a little special for anyone who wanted to grab a copy but couldn't the team have combined Codinca from their own supplies into three Christmas combos.

Backspindle Games Christmas Bundles

You can pick yourself up a copy alongside Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice, Discworld Clacks or even the brand new Dance of the Fireflies. Head over to their store if you'd like to pick any of these up.

What games do you play with your family at Christmas?

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