Dart Your Way Through Dangerous Waters In Bermuda Pirates

June 23, 2019 by cassn

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The Bermuda Triangle has been known for its treacherous seas. Now, an adventurous band of pirates has set its sights on an island known for the treasures it conceals. On their way, they must overcome mysterious, suddenly appearing, whirlpools that will instantly drag their boat to the bottom of the sea. Will you be able to navigate your boat to the island in this mystic sea, amass the treasures and make your way back safely? Will you outsmart competing bands of pirates trying to get their hands on the treasures before you?

Bermuda Pirates is a fun family game for 2-4 players, where willing pirates must sail into the treachery of the Bermuda triangle searching for treasure, trials, and glory!


Each player commands a ship which can only be pushed with one finger which they must guide to the center of the board.

But beware! Whirlpools (made of magnets) threaten to pull your ship into the water. If your boat sinks, you'll have to start the whole journey again. The first player to gather four treasures is the greatest pirate in Bermuda!


Bermuda Pirates is a great family game which combines memory, dexterity and observation skills to create an enjoyable experience for younger board gamers. Publisher FoxMind will be launching Bermuda Pirates at GenCon 19 with a limited run of 120 copies, so make sure you sail over and check them out!

What are you most excited to play at Gen Con? Comment below!

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