Go Dungeon Delving in DarkDoors’ Ambush: Epic Kickstarter

April 16, 2020 by brennon

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DarkDoors Entertainment are currently on Kickstarter with their semi-cooperative dungeon delver called Ambush: Epic!

Ambush Epic Core Box - DarkDoors

Check Out The Kickstarter Here

Ambush: Epic is a card and dice driven board game for one-to-four players where you take your hero down into the darkest dungeons in search of treasure, glory and more. Whilst you'll want to claim all of the glory for yourself, you won't survive if you don't lend a helping hand too. So, make sure to work together just enough to overcome the forces of evil but make it out as the shining hero the bards will be singing about for years!

The Oracles Chamber Ambush - DarkDoors

Each hero in the game plays differently so you'll have a lot of chances to dive in and play the game with a little touch of nuance each time you go to play. Plus, with a massive array of different monsters to fight, you'll always have a challenging experience which will have you changing up your strategy.

If you're interested in finding out more about how the game plays when you can watch this video from Rodney Smith...

...and then consider downloading their work-in-progress Rulebook which goes into more detail about the game.

What's In The Boxes?

The team at DarkDoors Entertainment has kept things as simple as possible for backers (which I always like) and you can see how both the Core Set and Expansion break down here.

Core Box Contents - DarkDoors

Again, I am very much in favour of having loads of awesome polyhedral dice in the mix AND I really like the artwork that we've been seeing for the game too. Artwork and graphic design can really make or break a game for me and this one looks very enticing!

Oracles Chamber Contents - DarkDoors

Make sure to go and give this Kickstarter a good look as it seems like it could be a lot of fun at various player numbers and offers up an alternative to the traditional dungeon-delving format. As someone who has enjoyed games like Cutthroat Caverns in the past, this seems like it could be up my street at least!

Will you be checking out Ambush: Epic?

"As someone who has enjoyed games like Cutthroat Caverns in the past, this seems like it could be up my street at least!"

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