Delve Deep With Fantasy Flight’s DungeonQuest Out Now

October 9, 2014 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games have now released their revised edition of DungeonQuest with whole new artwork and a few tweaks mechanically to make it play smoother...

DungeonQuest (Box)

DungeonQuest (Board)

The last edition of the game was a lot of fun but the revised edition streamlines the way combat works to make it less of an awkward transition within the game. They have also made the dungeon a bit more challenging than before making it a real race against time. Last but not least the new Torchlight mechanic gives you a different way of exploring the dungeon.

I do like these Dungeon Crawler-Lite style games that tweak the format to make it more interesting for gamers. An ace looking board game that I may have to add to the collection.

Do you like DungeonQuest?

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