Delve Deeper With Descent Hero & Monster Collection

February 22, 2014 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games are adding even more options to the Descent: Journeys in the Dark adventure with a Hero & Monsters Collection to unleash more creatures and willing warriors on the tiles.

Crown of Destiny Hero & Monsters

This new Crown of Destiny set comes with a number of snarling monsters and a bevy of daring heroes including Corbin, Lindel, Jaes the Exile, and Brother Gherinn. You can check out some of the miniatures for them below...

Crown of Destiny Miniatures

Lindel Hero Card

Above you can also check out Lindel's Hero Card which is fairly snazzy indeed. Since I didn't get to play as the Dwarf in our own home games I had to settle for the archer but the ranged attacks certainly are worth it when you level up.

Lindel's heroic feat is awesome and perfect for taking down a key enemy. Of course the monsters aren't going to be outdone and they are just as effective as the heroes in slicing and dicing.

Will you pick up this pack?

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