Demigod March A Greek Phalanx Out For Conquest Of The Gods

November 17, 2014 by brennon

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Demigod Games have another preview for you this week to get you excited for Conquest of the Gods. This time around the faction under the spotlight are the Ancient Greeks led by the mighty Ares. See what you think...

Greek Starter Set

The main set comes with a Phalanx of Greek soldiers so you have 10 Hoplites, 1 mighty Minotaur, 1 Lochagos and finally the God of War himself in Ares made once again with a set composed of a mix of metal and resin parts. Here he is in a bit more detail...


Ares comes with that rather impressive splatter of blood coming off his spear. It's awesome to have something like this added on but you don't have to model Ares with said blood. You could just have him in a commanding stance atop the pillars rather than swiping apart some poor fellow with ease.

Phalanx Detail

Going back to the Phalanx for a moment you'll see that they all rank up as you would imagine they did in real life with some being held high and others out in front ready to impale the enemy. As you can see this is a larger unit here so when it comes to bigger games you'll have quite the intimidating force it seems.

Will you be edging towards taking Greeks in Conquest of the Gods?

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