Descent Delving once again into the Dark!

August 6, 2011 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games are bringing the wonder of the dungeon delve back with Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition. And it all sounds very cool indeed.

"Mennara is a world of magic, mystery, and adventure. In the deep places beneath the earth lurk terrifying monsters and foul villains, conspiring to plunge the land into shadow. The darkest parts of the forests hide things better forgotten, and in the mountains gather hordes of savage creatures whose only ambition is bloodshed. And behind all that evil and all that malice lurks the Overlord, the hidden threat that seeks to work his dark design across the realm. Fortunately, Mennara is also a world of heroes. Heroes clever of mind, strong of sword arm, and stout of heart. Heroes in many shapes and sizes, unlikely heroes of many races and creeds and from many walks of life. Heroes like you…"

Still interested? I thought so. The game is going to come with all new heroes, monsters, scenarios and a refined rules set to make the whole process easier. Budding Overlords and players are going to have a lot to play with. Overlords will attempt to foil the plans of any adventurers who delve too deep. Players on the other hand will be fighting through an entire story driven campaign looking to beat the dungeons and slay all who get in their way.

I have to say I am pretty stoked about this news and the art work on offer is looking amazing already. Also its great to see another dungeon crawler in a box allowing you to fit in a couple of scenarios a night. Check out these nice board pieces below.

They are just the right size for adding into a D&D game which is a bonus! Oh and I forgot to mention these awesome custom dice...I love custom dice. The more interesting and different the better!

For those of you who are already playing Descent, Fantasy Flight Games have said that there will also be a way to convert all your previous heroes into the new game so the classics can play alongside the totally new.

The game is set for release in 2012 and we will keep you posted on any more previews for this new edition in the coming months.

Will you, or are you on a Journey in the Dark?

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