Develop Decadent Designs In Chocolate Factory

March 1, 2019 by cassn

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Compete to run the best chocolate factory in this delicious 2-4 player euro game! In Chocolate Factory, players build their factory, upgrade their chocolates, hire employees, and sell their wares for profit!


At the heart of Chocolate Factory is a physical conveyor belt mechanism. Players push a series of 'conveyor belt tiles' through the center of the board. Each tile begins with a single cacao bean and is upgraded to produce better chocolates as the game progresses.


On each turn, players will choose what part of their factory to upgrade to improve productivity and efficiency. There are numerous possibilities for upgrades in this medium complexity game, and discovering the right combinations of cards will make a better factory, and better chocolates!


Chocolate Factory is designed by Matt Dunstan and Brett J Gilbert, the minds behind the Kennerspiel des Jahres nominated Elysium. The print-and-play (with basic artwork) and the rulebook are both available online, and the game can also be played on Tabletop Simulator, so you get to try before you buy, which is always a good thing.


Chocolate Factory is fully funded on Kickstarter, and with good reason! This is a nice addition to the Euro games genre, and publisher Alley Cat is a trusted company who will produce quality components. My only advice - make sure you have a bag on m&ms on standby - you're going to get hungry playing Chocolate Factory!

What chocolates will you be eating alongside this game?

"You're going to get hungry playing!"

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