Dominate The Ice In Devir Games’ 4-Minute Title Winter

April 20, 2022 by fcostin

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Devir Games have announced a new title coming to their Pocket Game range of board games. Bringing the harsh Winter in a four-minute title. The goal of the game is to gain control over a frozen lake, and two players will be working with a combination of cards and chips over two phases to dominate the board.

Winter - Devir

Winter // Devir

Players will battle for control over two different phases of the game. At a time when the lake is freezing and unfreezing. During the phase of freezing, players will place down cards with the Snowflake symbol on secure an area. As the lake unfreezes, players will be able to retrieve chips and cards created by their design. Whoever had the most chips on the board by the end of the game will be crowned the winner.

Veggies - Devir

Veggies // Devir

There were some announcements earlier this year regarding the introduction of three new pocket games coming this month, including a 5-minute title named Walkie Talkie, a game of organising market stalls in Veggies, and the chance to collect flowers from a spikey Cacti foe in Ouch!.

Each of these games includes a variety of player count for more chaos, a low entry age level which can include the whole family and will take no longer than 10 minutes to run through. Perfect for on-the-go titles that you do not need a massive table to engage! Can imagine they'd be great on a camping trip or holiday - especially stuck captive on a plane.

Just in time for winter, we can expect to see the newest instalment to head to FLGS stores in October.

Are you interested in on-the-go board games that last less than 10 minutes?

"The goal of the game is to gain control over a frozen lake..."

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