Show Devotion To Your Deity In Cult: Choose Your God Wisely

December 4, 2018 by cassn

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The end of the world is nigh! Choose your deity wisely — there are a lot of dark and powerful entities sleeping deep within the souls of people... You need to summon and empower your deity faster than your rivals. Now is no time to sleep — recruit followers, perform dark rituals, bribe officials, and inspire uprisings of the angry mob.

Cult: Choose Your God Wisely is a 2-5 player worker placement game in which fanatical followers must build the prestige of the cult of their prospective god. Players can choose from eight gods, including Janus, Cthulu, Archane, and Fafnir, and utilize their unique set of skills to control their city.


Devoted worshippers can win by either building five altars to their god's glory, or rile four mobs within the Eternal City to further spread your god's will. Like most worker placement games, in Cult: Choose Your God Wisely, gameplay is divided into two phases, the Intention (placement) phase, and the Resolution phase, where the winner of each location is determined based on their influence in that place.


However, Miracle and Intrigue cards can also be used to alter the outcome of conflicts, meaning that victory by numbers is not necessarily assured. Furthermore, while the player who wins that location may use its benefits, other, less devout players may still receive coins which can be used in the next round. Furthermore, as the cults develop, more locations are unlocked, creating more possible benefits for zealous worshippers.


Cult: Choose Your God Wisely is expected for release before the end of 2018, but for those pious players who cannot wait, it is currently available to play digitally on Tabletopia.

Which god would you choose to devote yourself to? State your allegiance below!

"Recruit followers, perform dark rituals, bribe officials, and inspire uprisings of the angry mob!"

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