Doctors & The Daring Come To Privateer’s Riot Quest

February 3, 2020 by brennon

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Privateer Press has been showing off two new characters for the world of Riot Quest. We start with the cunning brutality of Scythe who fills the Gunner role within their skirmishing board game.

Scythe - Riot Quest

This is a very, very cool looking model in its own right and I think there are already a lot of folks out there thinking about snapping her up to use as a character in pretty much any Fantasy roleplaying game. If you like the look of her for Riot Quest, here is some of her background...

"Few of the true Nyss people still exist in the Iron Kingdoms, and those who remain are able to for a reason: they are skilled and deadly hunters. And Scythe is the deadliest. Frosty on the outside, burning with a vengeance in the middle, Scythe has a passion for peering deep into your soul and then penetrating it with an arrow fired from her mechanika longbow.

With the unmatched range of her bow and unhindered by the most difficult terrain, you can run from Scythe, but you can’t hide. (Well, technically you can hide, but that just makes you a sitting target. Either way, you’re going to end up a kebab.)"

She would be a lot of fun to paint and I really like the contrast of the dark armour next to the bright hair and flesh which is something you should definitely do on your own model.

The Doctor Will See You Now

As well as Scythe we also have Doctor Stygius who looks very, very creepy indeed.

Dr Stygius - Riot Quest

Here is some of the background on Dr Stygius who I would NOT trust in any way with all of those implements.

"An apple a day might keep the doctor away in the real world, but in a post-apocalyptic Iron Kingdoms, it’ll take some seriously heavy firepower to avoid a visit from Dr. Stygius! Suffer a wound while he’s on your crew, and this sinister Cephalyx has a suite of tools to stitch, saw, or scrape away your ails and keep you in the action.

But if you’re looting for the other team, don’t forget your tinfoil hat or you may find Stygius psychically scrambling your cerebellum into a savoury sauce!"

I heartily agree that you should eat as many apples as possible to try and stay away from the clutches of this terrifying fellow.

What do you make of these two characters for use in Riot Quest?

"What do you make of these two characters for use in Riot Quest?"

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