DreadBall XTreme Teaser! No Ref. No Rules. No Mercy

February 19, 2014 by brennon

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The countdown continues and it has now been joined by a teaser trailer from the guys at Mantic Games. Check it out above and some of the images that you can see flickering in the background on the GCPS Central Infosphere...

Xtreme Teaser

Xtreme Board

Above is the message from Blaine himself as they get these underground games of DreadBall underway. I think this could be an awesome way to play the game.

Making it even more of a teaser there is also this snippet of the new board which you can see is certainly a lot less prim and proper. It also has a good number of blood splats across the concrete, perfect.

A longer trailer will hit 1pm GMT on Friday 21st February.

Are you pumped?

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