Skirmish Across Endor With New Star Wars: Imperial Assault Mat

March 19, 2019 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has designed a new Star Wars: Imperial Assault mat for you to use at your FLGS. Check out the Endor Defense Station Skirmish Map which might be familiar to some who have played the game.

Endor Defense Station Skirmish Map - Fantasy Flight Games

This gives you a permanent set-up for you to use when you're playing out your tournament games of Star Wars: Imperial Assault or indeed just skirmishing against friends.

These mats have been used before and could be great for those looking to set up proper competitive options for players. They also save you having to source loads of different tiles when it comes to setting up the tabletop!

Two new skirmish cards have also been included with the mat as well giving you some alternative objectives to consider instead of just blasting your opponents.

Will you be snapping this up?

"They also save you having to source loads of different tiles..."

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