Escape Tales: Low Memory Poses New Puzzles For You To Solve

June 18, 2019 by brennon

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Escape Tales: Low Memory is another game in Board & Dice's 'escape room' style series which offers up a twisting story and multiple plots to follow, all in the comfort of your own home.

Escape Tales Low Memory - Board & Dice

Here's the plot behind this particular story...

"It is the year 2060. Elizabeth is saying goodbye to her husband. They are going on a family trip, but Elizabeth must first finish a research project, so she promises to catch up with him later. A moment later, she watches her husband's autonomous vehicle leaving the driveway, her thoughts already drawn towards her work. Another normal day — at least that is what Elizabeth believes.

The following morning, Elizabeth wakes up on her sofa. She is having a terrible headache and her home is trashed — turned upside down as if there had been a break-in. Although she keeps trying, she is unable to recall anything after the moment she left work the evening before. Elizabeth decides to use the memory scanner. It is the perfect tool for the situation! However, every technological advancement comes at a price..."

This story, set in a Cyberpunk future, is a standalone experience which can be played solo or with three other friends as you seek to follow the threads of three characters and work out what has happened to Elizabeth.

The kit provides you with even more riddles and puzzles to solve, a story seen from three different perspectives and different mechanics for each character as they explore various locations in the game. It sounds very interesting indeed and as a big fan of both mysteries and EXIT games, this sounds like it'd be right up my street.

By its very nature, it's tough to talk more about this without spoilers but Escape Tales: The Awakening went down well so one hopes this would be very similar in quality.

Will you be giving this a go?

" a big fan of both mysteries and EXIT games, this sounds like it'd be right up my street"

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