Life’s A Beach In Fable Game Fine Sand

November 9, 2018 by cassn

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After a restful holiday at the beach with friends, you have decided to delight in some childhood whimsy and build a sandcastle. Unfortunately, these are your gaming friends, and now you find yourself locked in a competitive all-consuming battle for the best sandcastle which will ultimately ruin these friendships, financially bankrupt you, and consume all future endeavors. Next time, consider a city break.

Fine Sand is a fable card game, players must use their resources to build the best sandcastle on the beach. Players pool resources from a central set of rules on the table, and more rules can be added through the addition of more cards as the game progresses.


Everybody builds by themself with the materials on hand. Who will deplete all their materials and win the sand castle competition? Every player for themself, and all against each other, that's what's going on here. Frequently, you can "off-load" on your neighbors some unwelcome materials, but ultimately you are your own builders and only the player who uses their options best wins!

Fable card games are a new addition to the gaming world. Similar to legacy games, players introduce new mechanics during each playthrough that can be carried over to the next game. However, unlike legacy games, it is only the mechanic which carries over, not the narrative. Furthermore, at any time players can remove all new mechanics and just play with the original ruleset.

This looks like quite a fun card game. Stronghold Games previously released another fable game Fabled Fruit back in 2016 which has been very popular. Fine Sand was previewed at Essen earlier this year with a tentative release date for early 2019, so interested sandcastle sculptors should keep an eye on their local game store or the Stronghold Games website for further information.

What do you think of Fable game mechanics? Tell us your thoughts below!

"Players introduce new mechanics during each playthrough that can be carried over to the next game."

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