Snag Fantastical Prysm Crimson Ice For Corvus Belli’s Aristeia!

March 24, 2020 by brennon

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Corvus Belli has put another fun little product up for pre-order recently if you're a fan of Aristeia! Here we have their Fantasy take on the character of Prysm from their Sci-Fi game. Here she is reincarnated as Crimson Ice.

Prysm Crimson Ice - Aristeia

Here is some of the background on this Fantasy take for Prysm which is available to pre-order right now...

"In the distant mountains of the East, considered the titanic sleeping bodies of the dwarf gods, the dwarfs themselves carved the sword from a drop of the blood of their gods, a unique piece of icorite, a crimson crystal, adamantine, cold as the ice and imbued with raw and elementary power.

The enormous greatsword slew the Enemy in the infamous Battle of the Two Suns, while breaking the blade, nicked a dozen times by the blows of the Enemy. At that moment the enormous energy contained in the powerful artefact was released instantly transforming its bearer and all life form in miles around.

Since then, Prysm has remained in the place for centuries without being able to be wielded again by any living being, at the risk of crystallizing. At least until Priscilla, lady of the Frost Marks, called by the sword's own voice, has wielded her, becoming a vague crystalline being endowed with the power of the sword and the determination of the woman with the task of finding the enemy and killing him, because the Enemy has returned…"

This then serves as effectively a new 'skin' for Prysm which can be used in place of her traditional model in games of Aristeia! on the tabletop. I think it looks rather funky and you can actually read a more in-depth look at the design process behind her HERE.

Prysm Crimson Ice Alt - Aristeia

I think it is rather cool to have some more Fantastical options for the characters in Aristeia! It works well for other games like DotA and Overwatch so why not make use of something like this in a tabletop game too! She would be very fun (and easy) to paint I reckon too.

Are you tempted by this new version of Prysm?

"Are you tempted by this new version of Prysm?"

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