FFG Take Imperial Assault To Jabba’s Palace With New Digital Story

July 21, 2018 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games is taking Star Wars: Imperial Assault back to Jabba's Palace with a new campaign which has been uploaded to their digital companion app for the game.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Jabbas Palace - FFG

The new campaign will throw you into eight missions for you to play out and due to the way that these apps have been developed they are packed with replay value as well because things could completely change between your various playthroughs of the game.

You WILL need a physical copy of Jabba's Realm to play this as you need the tiles, miniatures and accessories to see it all unfold on the tabletop.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Jabbas Palace (Layout) - FFG

This update to the game made it infinitely more playable as a game. I prefer the completely cooperative feel of the game rather than it being a one-versus-many experience. There was always a sense with this and Descent that they were both much harsher in feel than they should be.

Hopefully, this is something Fantasy Flight Games adopt for all of their dungeon crawlers going forward. It has certainly worked well with Mansions Of Madness, Descent and Imperial Assault. It also just offers up more options for a gaming group to try out to see what works for them.

Will you be downloading this?

"You WILL need a physical copy of Jabba's Realm to play this..."

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