Fight To The Last In Eric Lang & CMON’s Trilogy Ending Ankh

August 5, 2019 by brennon

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Eric Lang has now revealed the third of his strategic trilogy which was made up of Blood Rage, Rising Sun and now Ankh: Gods of Egypt. Play as Egyptian Gods who are fighting to survive as the old ways are forgotten. You must ensure that you and your followers survive to become the one dominant force in the world.

Ankh - CMON

Featuring the wonderful artwork of Adrian Smith and miniatures which have been brought to life by Mike McVey, this proves to be another massive game in the CMON library. Since it is being made by Eric Lang this also means Justin will totally suck at it.

You are going to (hopefully) feel like powerful gods, being able to call on terrible power, monsters and more in combat which, much like in Blood Rage, is streamlined and non-random. Your skills, wits and cunning will decide how you win, not the roll of a dice. Set for between two-and-five players this seems like another monumental game.

As you might have imagined the game will be coming to Kickstarter later this year. Blood Rage and Rising Sun are well-loved games and if Ankh is going to follow the rules of those campaigns you're in luck when it comes to expansions and all sorts.

There is already a game out there which has you playing as Egyptian powers fighting for supremacy called Kemet. It too features monsters raging across the board, magical powers and lots of dudes getting pushed around on a map. It will take a lot to move that game aside to make room for Ankh and I look forward to seeing what they do that is different.

Will you be following the progress of this?

"As you might have imagined the game will be coming to Kickstarter later this year..."

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