Fireside Games Get Kids Cooperating With My First Castle Panic

December 17, 2018 by brennon

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Do you know Castle Panic? It's a game about holding off waves of enemies before they can destroy your castle. Well, Fireside Games are getting your kids working together to defend the castle too now thanks to My First Castle Panic.

My First Castle Panic - Fireside Games

This new version of the game can be played by one-to-four players and has you defend a simplified castle set-up. The key thing here is that you're kids are all going to be working together which should help avoid all those fights that can sometimes break out!

My First Castle Panic (Gameplay) - Fireside Games

Much like with the original game, you'll be playing as heroes who are looking to stop monsters breaking down the walls of your castle. Here your characters each have symbols and shapes on their cards and you will have to match them against the enemies coming towards you so that you can send them packing.

They have made sure that learning the rules is simple and easy with a condensed set of cards which walk you through it. I think I'd have loved it if this had been available when I was little!

If you're tempted by this game then you'll want to watch out for the March 2019 release and potentially an appearance at UK Games Expo and the like!

What do you make of this kids version of Castle Panic?

"I think I'd have loved it if this had been available when I was little!"

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