Recruit A Food-Driven Canine Gang In Dog Boss Kickstarter

March 23, 2022 by fcostin

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Last year, I was guided towards a cheeky card game on Kickstarter called, Beware of Bears by Boss Dog Games. The premise was simple, as players would be encouraged to take one another out whilst facing the might of bears around every corner of the forest. It sounded like an absolute laugh, especially given the type of bears to run into!

Boss Dog Games are up with their newest crowdfunding venture, bringing doggos to the forefront in a crime-riddled venture of criminal dogs, causing havoc about town and stealing all of the cannoli in Boss Dog: The Card Game.

Boss Dog - Kickstarter Image

Boss Dog: The Card Game // Now On Kickstarter

The boss dog families are out of control, they are continuously stealing food which has resulted in a national food shortage for humanity.

Funded in 14 minutes, the Farting Frenchies publisher will be encouraging 2-6 players to recruit for their mobster doggo family. During the game, players will need to collect, feed and steal other doggy criminals out on the table to fight for the position of Top Dog.

Starting by picking their big boss with names like Goodfella and The Dog Father, players will be constructing a heist in an attempt to tempt opponent armies from switching sides.

Food Cards - Boss Dog

Food Cards // Boss Dog

Players must collect the most sought after food, whether that is some tempting Pastry Shop Tiramasu or Nona's Cannoli. Each dog will have a reference number at the bottom of the card and will require a set of cards for them to join the ranks. This may be some juicy steak to persuade them over or even a cheeky bit of lasagne. However, during a turn players can play actions such as stealing to bolster their army of dogs or send in a hit to add more panic to the heist.

Boss Dog Family - Boss Card

Boss Dog Family // Boss Dog

The player with the most impressive Boss Dog family by the end of the game will be crowned the champion, proving to have the most prestigious army of criminal doggies on the hunt for good food.

The game takes roughly 15-20 minutes to play in a fast-paced family-friendly title. Pitched for ages 7+ and designed by Boss Dog Games, this title is for sure to bring a barrel of laughs to the table. Although this may require players to work fast, the strategy involved in preemptive tactics will prove beneficial to the top dog at the table.

22 days left on the clock for this title, and there are a few different pledges to dip into. Whether you just want the base game, access to early bird features, expansions, merch, stretch goals or add-ons! There is plenty live on the campaign with still a few weeks left until completion.

Think you have what it takes to be the Top Dog of Boss Dogs?

"Players must collect the most sought after food!"

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