Free New Zombicide 2nd Edition Scenario Available Now

June 4, 2021 by fcostin

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It has simply been a short amount of time for players to get themselves immersed in the new release of Zombicide: 2nd Edition and CMON have not been quiet on the scenario front since release day. There has been an abundance of new content making its way over to Zombicide, with free scenarios popping up as quick as a zombie looking for some fresh brains.

Zombicide: 2nd Edition // CMON

The newest scenario is available to download now, and this week we are looking into the backstory of the character Doug. Starting with his progression from a pencil-pushing office worker to a brutal zombie survivor in a messed up universe.

This scenario is designed for solo players. I personally love the idea of getting an individual insight into each character's origins and how far they have come to achieve a true survivor status.

Zombicide: 2nd Edition // CMON

If you missed it, there was a solo insight to Amy's story too ready to download. Amy was within a dojo when the apocalypse began, resulting in a brutal deal to her sensei at the hands of her katana. Also available to be downloaded for free on the CMON website.

Army of the Dead: A Zombicide Game // CMON

It is fantastic seeing lots of new content coming out side-by-side with the new edition. Especially with the collaboration with the Netflix film, Army of the Dead. Zombicide seems to have new content readily available for their fans. So if you are looking for a new petrifying adventure with the undead at its core, Zombicide 2nd Edition may be the answer for you.

What is your favourite Zombie tabletop game? 

"This week we are looking into the backstory of character Doug."

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