Fulfill Your Dreams Of Being A Fireman With Flash Point

April 6, 2013 by brennon

Flash Point: Fire Rescue by Indie Boards & Cards is a pretty big deal and has enjoyed massive success and acclaim from across the board gaming community. So with an expansion in the works, well lots more than just one in fact, it felt right to mention it.

Flashpoint Fire Rescue - Dangerous Waters

Flashpoint Fire Rescue - Extreme Danger

Dangerous Waters and Extreme Danger are both big expansions for the main game, with Extreme Danger being the focus of a Kickstarter Campaign right now which is also bringing some neat new miniatures too...

Flashpoint Miniatures

While the prospect of board gaming as a Fireman don't appeal to everyone it is a lot of fun. You'll be dosing fires, avoiding back drafts and hacking things apart with a fire axe in no time.

If you check out the Flash Point portion of their website you will also see a link to a video review by eminent maestro of cardboard Drakkenstrike.

Check out the Kickstarter and get fighting fires!

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