A New Galaxy to Explore on Your Table! Galaxy of Trian

August 23, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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galaxy of trian board

Choose a race, explore the galaxy, gather resources, and develop powerful technology in Galaxy of Trian, a tile based board game by Creativemaker LLC. Trian is a mysterious alien race that explores the galaxy looking for technology to incorporate with their own.

galaxy of trian card

This is a game for 2-4 people that plays in under an hour and has numerous elements including resource management. What I think is very cool about this game is that the players actually create the board as they go by their choice of tiles. It basically has a domino type mechanic where you can only play a tile that could connect onto tiles already in play, and the artwork is beautiful and really captures your eye.

galaxy of trian resources

galaxy of trian tiles

Another really cool aspect of this game is that it has a number of variants to play the games in different ways  according to the skill level of the players- so it can be played at a more basic level to play with inexperienced gamers and there are more tactical variants for the more experienced gamers looking for more of a challenge.

galaxy of trian variants

There is even an expansion pack on Kickstarter that includes ships, for the gamers looking for miniatures.

galaxy of trian ships

Care to explore this new galaxy?

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