Get A Peek At Gameplay For Digital Version Of Gloomhaven

July 10, 2019 by brennon

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Flaming Fowl Studios, Asmodee Digital and Cephalofair this week shared a new gameplay trailer for those diving into Gloomhaven when it hits Steam in Early Access on July 17th.

Gloomhaven Main Image

The game will start off with a rogue-like campaign mode which will see you looking to survive your journeys across this Fantasy world with your band of miscreants and mercenaries. As the gameplay trailer says, this is a tough game which is as much about hand management as it is dungeon delving!

They look to have ported the Euro-style mechanics over really nicely from the board game into this digital take on the game.

The road ahead for the game also looks good with two more of the starting heroes for Gloomhaven popping up in the months following release.

Gloomhaven Future Content

My friends played as the Tinkerer and Mindthief during the first few quests of our tabletop campaign and they looked great fun. None of us actually played the Scoundrel or Spellweaver when we started out but I can safely say whilst I loved the Cragheart, the Scoundrel stole my heart. She was a bloomin' amazing character to play as, so much fun!

I look forward to seeing how the campaign and co-op modes come together in the future as this will make playing the game a lot easier with my pals!

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"Will you be downloading this?"

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