GEOlino Presents the World’s First Melting Board Game!

June 10, 2013 by dracs

Global Warming has been one of the most pressing issues of our age. Now environmental magazine GEOlino seek to teach our kids more about the dangers it represents with the world's first melting board game: Meltdown!

Meltdown Board

The idea behind it is simple. It's an instant board game, just add water.

Kids have to guide a family of polar bears across the slowly melting ice cubes in order to get them to safety, learning the affects and outcomes of global warming as they do so.

Meltdown Polar Bears

Meltdown is a great concept, perfect for use as a fun teaching device to use with kids both at home and in school environments.

The game itself looks to be pretty well designed too. It provides a mould which allows you to freeze water into the shapes you need for the tiles, which represent the ice flows the polar bears must cross. These are then laid out on a blue sponge, simultaneously simulating the Arctic waters and soaking up the melting ice cubes.

Meltdown Contents

It is great when we get to see gaming being used to teach something positive. Not only is this innovative game teaching kids about global warming, it will also instil them with the ideas of fair play and team work (which will subsequently be undermined if they ever discover Munchkin).

All in all Meltdown, as well as being an original and innovative game, is a great way of conveying to kids positive lessons in a fun, interactive way. Definitely an great idea.

Fancy picking this up for your kids?

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