GF9 Relaunch Spartacus: A Game Of Blood & Treachery!

March 10, 2020 by brennon

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One of our favourite board games, Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery, is coming back with a new Core Box previewed by Gale Force Nine this week. Check it out!

Spartacus Big Box Preview - Gale Force Nine

Spartacus: A Game Of Blood & Treachery puts you in the boots of an insidious gladiator House as you scheme, plot, barter and battle with the other Houses to be crowned the masters of the arena. You'll start off with a band of pitiful wretches and over time hopefully, bring in mighty warriors who will win you fame on the sands of the arena. Each House has its own special rules and will give you a variety of different routes towards victory.

Spartacus Game Layout - Gale Force Nine

You will also have noticed that the game has had something of an overview. Rather than featuring images from the Spartacus TV show, they have opted for artwork which I think is immediately a massive improvement. One of my pet peeves with licenced games is that they don't get artists to create unique art for them.

I know that it can be expensive and often times is to do with representing the relevant IP but I just detach sometimes when I see the clash on the tabletop. Still, some people aren't quite as precious as I am about this but it's great that Gale Force Nine has brought this game back with new art in the mix.

Spartacus Leader Cards - Gale Force Nine

I am sure that Justin is going to be picking up this new version of the game so that he's got a copy which hasn't been battered to death by constant use. You can check out some videos on the old version of the game here...

Hopefully, we'll see the game expand with new Houses, new gladiators and more in the future too.

Are you going to be diving in and picking up this new version of Spartacus?

"Hopefully, we'll see the game expand with new Houses, new gladiators and more in the future too..."

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