Get A Glimpse Of Hel: The Last Saga; Mythic’s New Kickstarter

April 8, 2020 by brennon

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Mythic Games are powering things up ahead of their new Kickstarter for HEL: The Last Saga. A new teaser trailer was dropped over the last day or so which gives you a little insight into how dark and foreboding this board game is going to be!

The game is one which is steeped in Dark Age folklore and mythology, drawing on Nordic themes. Your characters are leaving on their final saga, hoping to find their Valhalla, an afterlife paradise which they can call their own. However, they instead find themselves wandering through the realm of Hel and must work together in order to survive.

"The game offers each player the chance to lead a small group of survivors, each with their own background and secret motives. The players must cooperate if they want to survive the immediate dangers of cold, hunger and external threats, but they will also have to complete their inner quest to be worthy of the Saga that will retain their name.

The mechanisms mix resource management, worker placement but also secret objectives and combat. Storytelling and background are ubiquitous and replayability comes from different introductions, group combinations and motivations with each new game. Thus, the mystery of the missing settlers will never be the same from one game to another."

This already sounds fun to me (in a weird kind of way) since it draws on Norse mythology. Any game which gets that theme into the mix already gets a thumbs up from me. Comparing this game to the likes of Dead Of Winter, you'll be making tough decisions and hoping to not only help others survive but also make sure your own goals are reached.

HEL Teaser Image - Mythic Games

As always, fun miniatures will no doubt be a theme of this particular Kickstarter (it is Mythic Games after all) but I am most looking forward to the actual gameplay mechanics here and the different story they intend to tell with a much darker tone to it.

The themes remind me a lot of a film called Valhalla Rising which is well worth seeing if you're into something a bit different. Hopefully, we'll get a peek at miniatures and more from HEL: The Last Saga in the near future.

Will you be keeping an eye on this one?

"Hopefully, we'll get a peek at miniatures and more from HEL: The Last Saga in the near future..."

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