New Ally Packs For Imperial Assault! Chewbacca Enters the Battle!

February 25, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

Any loyal Star Wars fan knows that where Han Solo goes, Chewbacca will be there as well! Now fans and gamers can rest easy knowing Fantasy Flight Games has the Chewbacca Ally Pack as 1 of the 2 new packs heading this way for Imperial Assault.

IA ally packs1

IA chewbacca pack

Chewbacca’s first role is as a front-lines fighter, dealing damage and clearing the way for other heroes. His Slam ability is a crucial part of this ability. By using Slam as an action, Chewbacca can choose an adjacent hostile figure and roll a red die. The chosen figure suffers damage equal to the die result, and if the target is a small figure, Chewbacca can push it one space.

IA chewbacca

Chewbacca’s second ability is his strength as a guardian. With the Protector ability, Chewbacca grants all adjacent friendly figures a bonus block whenever they roll defense dice. A bonus block is useful no matter what your situation, and it can sometimes make the difference between life and death for a figure.

IA Weiss pack

With the heros, also come the villians, and General Weiss’s customized walker is a formidable presence. The Epic Arsenal ability illustrates its firepower, allowing the general to form an attack pool out of any three attack dice. General Weiss may use two blue dice and a green die to attack heroes at long-range, or overwhelm nearby targets and trigger surge abilities with two red dice and a yellow die, or any other combination of dice. Whatever your situation, Epic Arsenal ensures that you always have the best possible dice.

IA general-weiss

General Weiss also possesses a keen tactical mind and an understanding that, in battle, positioning is one of your most valuable assets. The General’s Orders ability allows you to choose up to two other friendly figures on the map and perform a move with those characters. By keeping your forces mobile, you can take up position on new firing lanes or make tactical retreats to keep your troops from being surrounded by enemy forces.

Will you be adding Chewbacca or General Weiss to your ranks?

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