Keep Your Nerve In Stay Cool

January 18, 2019 by cassn

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Stay Cool is easy. We ask you to do nothing complicated — but you must do it all at the same time...

In Stay Cool, you must verbally answer the questions from the player on your left while 'writing' the answers to questions asked by the player on your right using seven 'letter' dice to create your three or four letter answers in a two minute period. This timer is kept by a third player, who turns a 30second timer each time the sand runs out.


However, in the second round, the player must repeat everything they have just done plus tell the player with the timer to flip it before the sand runs out each time! If the sand runs out, the turn is immediately over.

In the third round, you have to do everything from the first and second round, except this time you cannot see the timer!

Stay Cool could easily be the game that sends you and your friends into a nervous breakdown, and that is exactly the sort of game I want in my life. The game will only be released in French initally, but Canadian publisher Scorpion Masqué usually also publishes in English, so keep an eye on their website for further information.

Can you pat your head, roll your eyes, and rub your stomach at the same time?

"The game that sends you and your friends into a nervous breakdown!"

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