New Kemet: Blood & Sand Coming To Kickstarter In May

April 9, 2020 by brennon

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Matagot has been sharing some more details of their upcoming revamp for board game classic, Kemet. Blood & Sand is a new edition of the game which tightens the game experience and allows you to enjoy more clashes across the sands of mythological Egypt.

Kemet Blood & Sand Kickstarter - Matagot

The Kickstarter is going to be coming on May 26th and will feature some superb new artwork as you can see here. One of the great things about Kemet is that it condenses down the "dudes on a map" formula into a quick and easy experience which is full of tactical depth. There are a few things which could be ironed out within the rules and it seems like this edition is going to do that in order to make the experience even more fun.

Firstly, there are some new additions to the rules which have been developed and tweaked with help from the community.

  • A new version of the game phases to make the game simpler, more fluid and limit interaction problems.
  • A rule to adapt the number of tiles according to the number of players.
  • A setup at the beginning of the game to have an even more dynamic first round.
  • More frequent and easier to use Divine Interventions cards.
  • Power Tile adjustments to make them more intuitive and correct the balance by taking into account all new tiles.
  • Slight modifications in the Move actions and Combat rules to make the action more fluid.
  • A more explosive and clearer endgame to reward players who expose themselves by racing ahead.
  • Integration of part of the Ta-Seti expansion into the base game for more variety.

It will be very interesting to see how they introduce some new ideas concerning the way tiles work in the game, the big upgrades which shape your faction during play. Also, it would be very cool to see just how they make Divine Intervention cards more integral to the game experience. They can be pretty powerful in combat but away from that, they don't get used that often in our games.

Also, the new board is looking superb...

New Kemet Board - Matagot

This version of the board is decidedly more updated and modern looking. The graphic design has taken leaps and bounds compared to the original game and it has a much more realistic look. With the Ta-Seti expansion in the mix as well, this seems like a bumper edition of the game.

Kemet Anubis - Matagot

As someone who has come to the world of Kemet very recently and enjoyed playing the game, I am in no rush to actually pick this up but I do think it would be neat to see it introduced to more tabletops. The older version of the game still holds up, especially with the changes in the rules, but I think a lot of people are going to like the new models they work on for each of the factions and the monsters you can summon forth!

Are you a Kemet fan?

"Are you a Kemet fan?"

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