Can Your Kingdom Survive the Zombies in Dark Age Z?

September 27, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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What if you took kingdoms from Lord of the Rings, added in Zombies from the Walking Dead and tied it all together with game play like Myth? Well, you would have a really cool Kickstarter like Dark Age Z, by Smoothie Games!

Dark Age Z

This game looks really interesting and like a lot of fun. It is a game for 3-5 players that can be played in roughly 30 minutes per player. The story of this game is that a rift in time opens, spilling out hoards of modern day zombies into a midieval time. The kingdom with the most victory points from killing the zombies will win the game, but how you go about that is entirely up to you. You can try to fortify your own area to defend against the zombies, or you can form alliances with other kingdoms to increase your defense and better your chances. To add to the fun, you can then decide whether the ultimate goal will be to finish the game working together against the zombies, or perhaps you'd like to claim victory for yourself and turn against your ally.

Another cool aspect of this game is that the present day zombies are bringing modern day technology through the rift, which would potentially offer your kingdoms very new and interesting weapons relative to the period they are from. These must be fought for and won and you have to decide if they are worth the risk.

Dark Age Z cards

Dark Age Z weapons

Dark Age Z Zombies

The zombies are produced in a mechanism similar to the one from Myth, where they spawn at various times and places and increase in number each time, making the game more treacherous.

Dark Age Z contents

Do you think your midieval kingdom could survive a zombie apocalypse?

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