Learn More About Z-Man’s Pandemic Legacy Season 2! [Spoilers]

June 23, 2017 by brennon

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While some gamers will want to know what lies ahead for the follow up to Z-Man's massive success, Pandemic: Legacy, some might not so SPOILER WARNING in advance!

Pandemic Season 2

For those of us who want some more intel on what's coming let's delve in. First off, where is the story now?

Pandemic Season 2 (Board)

"A cooperative legacy game for two to four players, Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 immerses players in a harrowing tale of survival. It is seventy-one years after the events of Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, and humanity has been brought to its knees. A network of the last known cities persists, supplied by the “havens,” isolated stations floating in the ocean far from the plague.

Three generations of survivors have called the havens home. Most of them have never set foot on the mainland. But now supplies are running low and the people have turned to you to lead. It is up to you to save what remaining cities you can and stop the world from ending for good."

This sounds like it is a great twist on what we've already experienced in Pandemic Legacy and also builds on the narratives, however they might have come together, after Season 1.

It sounds like there are some cool new mechanics at play here, taking from the likes of Seafall and of course the original Pandemic where you have to search for a way to put down the Plague whilst also keeping your havens running.

Pandemic Season 2 Cards

One of the big things for me is that they are really pushing this exploration aspect of things in Season 2. You have to make hard decisions as you go searching for survivors and following the story with your ever-changing group of heroes.

Pandemic Season 2 Travel

I would highly recommend Season 1 to anyone who has an interest in board games and this follow-up proves to be an interesting new direction for the game. The key thing to keep in mind is this is an intensely cooperative experience where you have to work together.

As well as that the story you tell with this game should be unique and special to you.

Will you be snapping up Season 2?

"...the story you tell with this game should be unique and special to you"

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