Limited Edition DreadBall Pitch Azure Primalball VIII!

June 14, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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Mantic Games has a new limited edition pitch for the awesome game DreadBall. This is a limited edition set that is now up for pre-order and according to the website will be available in limited quantities.

Dreadball Azure Bundle

This special edition set includes an exclusive Azure Forest Pitch, Azure Forest League Pack and A'teo "The Savage" Adyssi MVP, plus a foil-printed box cover. So for anyone looking to expand their Dreadball league and stadium pitches, this can be a nice addition.

Limited Edition Pitch - Prototype

Not only do you get the Azure special edition pitch but you also get the Ultimate set for some fun and exciting multi-player action. This could be a good way for you and your mates to get together and form a league and play a season! Dreadball Ultimate

For myself I picked up the DreadBall Deluxe set at Adepticon and I really have enjoyed playing a quick match here and there. The thought of grabbing a bundle such as this to expand our collection and gives us the opportunity to form a league with other friends and family, look out here comes some Sunday afternoon DreadBall!

Will you be putting a league together too?

Gianna Lomax

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