Major Lunah Gets An Elven Update For Aristeia!

December 19, 2018 by brennon

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Corvus Belli is building upon the world of Aristeia! with another alternative skin coming in January for Major Lunah. She has gone all Elven!

Lunah Elven Ranger - Aristeia

In her traditional guise, Major Lunah is quite the crack shot and so when it came to designing an alternative miniature for her they wanted to portray that. Being an archer seems on point with that remit and of course, the best archers in the multiverse are Elves!

It's really cool to see Corvus Belli doing more with the Fantasy theme for the characters in Aristeia and hopefully, this continues across the range with more alternative skins.

Major Lunah Elven Ranger - Aristeia

They've done a sterling job on this miniature with plenty of detail captured in the sculpt and lots of the work put forth by the concept artist continued into the final product, something I always like to see.

Will you be picking up this alternative for Lunah next year?

"Will you be picking up this alternative for Lunah next year?"

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