Mantic Enters Final Weekend Of Xtreme DreadBall Kickstarter!

March 15, 2014 by brennon

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Mantic Games are closing in on the last couple of days for their DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter. Check out the big box of goodies below as well as a little taster of some of the extras that are being thrown around.

Xtreme Boxed Game

As you can see it's quite a lot in the basic boxed game that they have as a reward and on top of a multitude of different extras including paints, extra bits and pieces and of course teams we also have things like their MVPs.


That is quite the roster of star players and all looking to become part of your collection. Blaine has shown his face alongside some epic figures like Asylum and that bad ass Excavator which is clearly the big daddy.

What level have you pledged at?

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