Mantic’s Dungeon Saga 4th August Start Comes Ever Closer!

July 31, 2014 by brennon

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Mantic Games' Dungeon Saga is coming to Kickstarter on August 4th this year and they have shown off some rather neat colour images of the heroes, another painted miniatures and a neat snap of the guys playing a version of the game!

Mantic Playing Dwarf King's Quest

One person takes on the role of the necromancer while the others play as the brave heroes looking to fight their way into the Dwarf King's Hold...for a quest...which is a Dungeon Saga. Either way see what you think of the colour versions of said heroes!





They all look very cool in colour and as you've seen in a little sneak peek during Warren's talk with Ronnie the miniatures are pretty awesome too. Of course once you get a look at the full finished heroes you'll be pretty blown away too. Talking of painted miniatures see what you think of the finished Skeleton Archer...

Skeleton Archer

The Undead look amazing for this set and the sculpting has got a whole lot better through each of their Kickstarters and other game releases. You've seen one of the other skeletons before, and a zombie, and hopefully we'll get to check out the undead troll soon!

Is Dwarf King's Quest on your radar?

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