Become A Master Chocolatier In Azul’s Limited Edition Spin-Off

May 26, 2022 by fcostin

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Pattern-building games are an incredibly soothing and calming experience for me. Being somebody who enjoys staring at a grid of pretty colours in titles like Patchwork, Calico, Sagrada, and Quadropolis - it is always fantastic to hear of new spin-offs and expansions to the current scope of puzzly abstract strategy board game titles.

Azul is taking a break from planning a stunning palace, constructing and building beautiful walls for the Portuguese King. Next Move Games has announced a new spinoff title which is sweeter than candy, turning away from royal artwork into a master of chocolate in Azul: Master Chocolatier.

Azul Master Chocolatier - Next Move Games

Azul Master Chocolatier // Next Move Games

Bringing a new theme to the classic tile-laying title. The upcoming title will trade out porcelain for chocolate in a new standalone and different take on Azul for a Limited Edition run.

Touching down in the factory, players will be face-down to their delicious double-sided boards. One side provides a similar experience to the original Azul with a blank space to tend to. However, the other side of the factory tile will add different modifications to the game providing a new experience each time you play.

Patchwork - Valentines Edition

Patchwork Valentines Edition // Lookout Games

Strangely, over Valentine's Day - I engaged in a few cames of the Chocolate edition of Patchwork. Although fundamentally the same game with a different reskin for the holiday, I found myself connecting to the theme a little more than the original. Was I hungry? Or do I simply prefer chocolate to cosy?

Considering the drastic change in theme, I imagine this new choccy-themed artwork will provide a new and different experience to Azul.

It is wonderful seeing a different version of Azul become available to the masses! Not providing a new expansion, just a new 5x5 grid to creatively and strategically plan, set in the confines of a chocolatier's. There is no date nailed down for release thus far,

How do you feel about reskins with a different theme?

"The upcoming title will trade out porcelain for chocolate!"

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