Back The Mighty Game Of Kolossus Through Crowdfunding

April 20, 2013 by brennon

Kolossus is a game currently going through crowdfunding that looks pretty awesome. Check out the cover art for the game and one of the 3D renders for it below...

Kolossus Cover

Kolossus Miniature""Kolossus" is the name of an unique strategy game, rich in materials. It impresses with its rich equipment of detailed miniatures and a three dimensional terrain. It is impossible to make this game in a regular way, but with your help Kolossus can be produced."

If you head on over to the link at the beginning of this post you'll be taken to a video explaining a little of the thinking behind the game. It does sound like it should be a pretty epic experience though.

Four different factions clashing over 3D terrain on a nicely presented board with cool looking miniatures with an easy set of rules too, what's not to like?

You can also read the rules here:-

Kolossus Rules

What do you make of this crowdfunding campaign?

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