Raise Moai & Avoid Eruptions In Volcanic Isle From Pendragon

June 16, 2019 by cassn

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Long ago, Easter Island was a vast continent ravaged by constant volcanic activity. The settlers of this land raised Moai, gigantic monolithic statues to appease the gods and mend the wounds of the land. Unfortunately, instead of healing the land, the very act of sealing off craters and geysers caused an even greater disaster to unfold...

In Volcanic Isle, players must build villages and raise Moai across their land. However, with every Moai raised, the chance of a fatal volcanic eruption increases, devastating settlements and causing parts of the land to sink under the sea forever!

volcanic isle

Volcanic Isle is a really hot game - like a volcano, there's much more to this game than meets the eye! The sinking, shifting board provides an element of risk-taking to an otherwise simple strategic building game, and this would make an excellent introductory game for new gamers.

Volcanic Isle will be co-published by Pendragon Studios and Arcane Wonders in July 2019 - debuting at the 2019 Origins Game Fair later this year.

Did You Know: Easter Island is called 'Easter' because the first European explorer, Dutch Jacob Roggeveen, who visited the island did so on Easter Sunday 1722!

"Like a volcano, there's much more to this game than meets the eye!"

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