Relive A Race To The Moon With Academy Games’ One Small Step

July 20, 2019 by brennon

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Academy Games are delving into the space race with One Small Step on Kickstarter right now. This new game has you playing as both the Americans and the Soviets as they race to be the first to land on the Moon.

One Small Step - Academy Games

The game is a mix between worker placement mechanics and engine building where you are looking to claim enough resources in order to push forward your project to take yourself into space and eventually the Moon itself. As you develop your engine you'll be focusing on making successful missions into space and you can gain extra VP by actually landing on the Moon, hopefully solidifying your win.

One Small Step Gameplay - Academy Games

The game looks very stylish and an interesting one for those who love their space adventures. I think the art design is perfect for those who want to relive the era and get into a tense game for two-to-four players.

Astronaut Miniature - Academy Games

Also, because this is on Kickstarter during the anniversary of the Moon landing, if you get your pledge in before July 20th then you'll get yourself an awesome astronaut miniature!

Make sure to head on over to the Kickstarter where you'll be able to delve into gameplay and previews of the game so you can decide for yourself if the game is for you.

Will you be checking this one out? I personally can't wait until we go to Mars!

"I personally can't wait until we go to Mars!"

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