Mythic Talk Important Themes & Concepts Within Solomon Kane

June 18, 2018 by brennon

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Mythic Games has been answering your burning questions about Solomon Kane throughout the process of their Kickstarter but they also wanted to take a moment to better explain the games concepts, features and more to give you a deeper understanding of what they are bringing to the tabletop.

Solomon Kane Art #1

As we mentioned during The Weekender, Solomon Kane is a lot more than just the stunning miniatures, and it's very different from your traditional miniature-based board game. Solomon Kane is a game built on the foundations of the stories that Robert E. Howard wrote, stories which are full of fighting, but also cunning, intrigue, deception and twists in the plot.

Solomon Kane Art #4

"The Solomon Kane board game is a re-telling of the famous tales by Robert E Howard. They are stories of high adventure, swashbuckling derring-do, and villainous skullduggery. Our hero is an implacable foe of evil, and never hesitates to do the right thing, no matter the cost to his own safety.

The game reflects something of the structure of the books, and uses terms that mirror the way stories are told in print: Adventure, Act, and Chapter."

The latest update goes into how these stories play out and the structure that each adventure takes. As you'll have seen in our Let's Play and in other coverage, the story breaks down into chunks of storytelling followed by cooperative and tactical gameplay.

It is this aspect of gameplay that I think people are looking at through the lens of other games. This is not a dungeon crawling board game but something entirely different, unique in its design, and because of that, harder to get to grips with.

Solomon Kane Art #2

Because a lot of these scenes and story moments are played away from the board, people are seeing it as an unnecessary component - but instead, it acts as, in Mythic's words...

"...a moment to catch their collective breath and prepare for the next onslaught. It is usually a time for players to discuss their plans for the future, and in what way they can best use this interlude to bolster themselves, and Solomon Kane, for his upcoming challenges."

For someone who is a fan of the likes of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, and role-playing in general, I like the idea that we get time to discuss story and narrative, and how that might then play out.

Solomon Kane Art #3

This also leads into the potential replay value behind Solomon Kane. Because of the different ways you can approach each of these different aspects of the story, and the ways it plays out on the tabletop thanks to the randomness of the Event and Darkness Decks, you have plenty of ways to go back into these stories and play them again to see what other outcomes are revealed.

We have had a lot of fun playing Solomon Kane and so it seems apt for us to highlight some of what Mythic Games are doing to better explain the game and open it up to those who might have been put off or indeed may have also seen this in an entirely different light.

With the release of the rulebook on the horizon that might also help bring some clarity to the project...which is still doing very well of course!

Watch this space as Mythic Games are going to be doing a lot more updates about the game and indeed helping answer all manner of different questions too.

Have you backed Solomon Kane?

"Watch this space as Mythic Games are going to be doing a lot more updates about the game and indeed helping answer all manner of different questions too..."

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