Want To Design Games? Needy Cat Games Can Help!

April 11, 2019 by brennon

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If you want to get involved in game design then Needy Cat Games have a set of three courses that YOU can be a part of. Tickets are available for them right now for the courses that run throughout May, June and July this year.

Game Design Course #1 - Needy Cat Games

The team at Needy Cat Games have designed such games as Hellboy: The Board Game with Mantic Games, the newly announced Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace and also the Newbury & Hobbes game in collaboration with George Mann as well as many other projects throughout their time in the industry.

The course named An Introduction To Tabletop Game Design will consist of three-day long events spread out across the three months where you will start designing your game, refining it and finally finishing it.

It is aimed at newcomers to the process because as many folks say, there's a tabletop game in all of us! Each day will feature tutoring from Needy Cat Games as well as a chance to talk with others and develop your ideas plus you get a slap-up lunch alongside all the tea, coffee and biscuits you could need!

Game Design Course #2 - Needy Cat Games

If you're interested in this course then you'll want to be quick as they've already sold about half of the tickets at present.

Game Design Course #3 - Needy Cat Games

This sounds like a great idea and both James and Sophie are very talented people who have developed some fascinating ideas for the tabletop over the years.

Who knows, you might be the next Eric Lang! I can already think of about two different ideas I've had brewing around in my head for a few years that I reckon would make for great games!

"Who knows, you might be the next Eric Lang!"

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