Offend The Offensive In New Cards Against Humanity Parody

March 21, 2019 by cassn

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Do you enjoy 'edgy' humour? Would you be willing to say the things that no-one else would for the sake of a laugh, but are too busy/boring/dead inside to think of these jokes yourself? Do you like when corporations craft your borderline outright offensive humour for you, thereby negating you of any culpability for your own actions or behaviour?

Well, have we got a card game for you!

Offensive Adult Party Game is a simple card game which takes under a minute to play. The game comes with one black card which says 'I like playing offensive adult party games because...'. Players then choose one white card from their hand which best fills in their answer.


The seventeen white cards are all identical, saying 'I lack creativity and enjoy the illusion of being funny'.

The lead player then chooses the funniest answer from these identical cards, and the game continues until entropy consumes us all into the sweet, sweet arms of a waiting abyss. Offensive Adult Party Game is fully funded, and has even unlocked a stretch goal - an eighteenth card which says 'I lack creativity and enjoy the illusion of being funny'.

I personally hate Cards Against Humanity, but is this satire any more intelligent than the original card game? "Look at us, we're edgy because we're criticising a game that also pretends to be edgy". Nevermind that Offensive Adult Party Game is even less funny than CAH, the important thing is, with this product, you can look down on other gamers.

And I suppose that's what upsets me most about this parody. Millions of people enjoy Cards Against Humanity (even if I'm not among them), and this parody ridicules them for not being naturally funny, despite a prostate exam from Edward Scissorhands producing more laughter than this drivel of a product.

Live and let live I say, or at least be smarter in your critique. You can check out Offensive Adult Party Game here.

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"I lack creativity and enjoy the illusion of being funny..."

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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